ChapterJJ PEO – PEO is an international organization with local chapters across the country which supports womens’ education. Through the sale of our breads, joined with other chapters we has provided over $10,000 in grants and low interest loans to women in our area to finish their educations. Contact via email:

Colorado Hemp Institute – To make a purchase, please visit: The Colorado Hemp Institute is a multi-faceted organization developed with a passion for helping others. When John and Jody Lyons decided to attempt retirement in 2017, God clearly had other plans in store for them. They tried to sell their beautiful Dream Ranch in Parachute, Colorado but the sale fell through and one of the potential buyers invited John and Jody to attend a Hemp Expo in Oregon. They went and were so intrigued by what they saw and learned from researchers, doctors, and professionals, that they came home with a new plan. They began developing The Colorado Hemp Institute and the organization developed very fast and they are well on their way of building a large scale all encompassed medical research and treatment facility on the Dream Ranch.

Empire Farms – Farm Fresh Meats from Rullison, CO – Locally raised and processed: Beef, Pork, and Chicken. Contact them via Facebook or email

Highwater Farm – We’ve started a vegetable farm at the Silt River Preserve this year. With help from the community, we’re working to bring locally and sustainably grown produce to the Colorado River and Roaring Fork valleys. Contact us via our website at

Hogback Farm, LLC – Hogback Farms proudly grows a yummy vegetable garden, harvest eggs from the Twisted Chicks, and Hemp for CBD product. View their website for more information:

Maria’s Farm – Maria Tamayo, along with her mom and dad, started their farm in 2008 in Palisade and have since grown delicious vegetables and fruit. Contact Maria by email at

Mesa Microgreens – We grow many different varieties in Silt, CO and are always testing out new crops. Find out the difference between sprouts and microgreens and learn where to purchase from us on our website at

Morning Dew Coffee Roasters – Morning Dew Coffee Roasters is out of Clifton, CO. Owner Michael DeLucia learned the craft of roasting coffee in the early nineties in California. He then owned his own coffee shop in New Hapshire where he roasted all his own coffee. Since moving to Colorado, Michael uses a vintage 1955 grinder which came from a market in Erie, Co. It produces a really beautiful even grind with its 4″ grinding plates. Michael sources his coffee from Central and South America. Contact him for orders at

Skybam Baking Co. – Owner Patty was born and raised in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and now bakes in Rifle, CO. “I have been cooking and baking since I was a child. I have had the privilege to have owned 5 Mom and Pop restaurants at home on Cape Cod and one on Verona Island in Maine. I have done catering, had a canteen truck that went to construction sites every day, I have been a butcher, baker but not a candle stick maker. I have given lessons to kids to teach them how to make bread. I have been blessed with being able to cook and bake. I make everything from scratch. I take huge pride in what I have accomplished. My passion is being a very creative person in my baking and cooking.” Contact Patty for special orders at 970-456-2695.

Z’s Orchard – Z’s is a family owned farm located in Palisade, CO at the base of Mt. Garfield. Among their produce they grow delicious Palisade peaches, cherries, apricots, raspberries, apples and much more. Find them on Facebook or email