Read this whole page to make sure you are prepared for the market! Please check back as we get closer to the market season for updated information, or contact with any questions.

Rifle Farmers Market will be held on Fridays from 4-8pm, beginning on June 19 and running through September 4 (12 weeks) at Heinze Park (612 Railroad Avenue). It has grass and trees, a gazebo for our bands, and a playground.

General Booth Info

  • Spaces are 10×10 or 10×20, please indicate your choice on the application.
  • All vendors are required to provide their own tent(s) that covers the space.
  • All vendors are required to bring at least one table from which to display their wares and carry out business transactions.
  • You will need weights for the tent legs due to the wind in the area. Each corner of each canopy is required to be weighed down by AT LEAST 15 POUNDS. We recommend sand bags, cinder blocks, filling 5 gallon buckets, or something like these quick and easy DIY PVC weights. Due to the sprinkler system at the park, there will be no staking of the turf. Unsecured tents are a safety issue and will not be allowed.
  • Vehicles may not be parked with vendor tents; there is a designated loading/unloading zone. Accommodations will be developed for any handicapped vendors.

Market forms (vendors lacking complete and updated paperwork, or missing any fees will not be allowed to participate)

Each vendor needs to provide filled out and signed copies of the following:


We also require copies of:

  • Current City of Rifle Sales Tax License
  • Food license (for qualifying vendors)


Payments to be made include: 
Full Season Site Fee: $125 | $135 if received after June 5, 2020

  • Site fee check (cost based on season choice chosen on application)
  • $100 deposit check


All checks should be made out to Rifle Farmers Market. Payments and documents can be mailed to:

Rifle Farmers Market

P.O. Box 424

Rifle, CO 81650

Sales Tax

Vendors must have a Rifle Sales Tax License when selling goods. Vendors need to submit copies of these licenses to Rifle Farmers Market.

Rifle Sales Tax info

For your information- Colorado State Sales Tax info

Retail Food and Licensing  (food trucks, carts, etc.)

Food must be prepared in a commercial State Health Department approved kitchen and then reheated to serve at the market or sold in preserved form. Vendor setup must include a hand washing station. Each vendor must have an application to Conduct a Special Event Food Facility and Food Booth worksheet in addition to a Temporary/Special event Retail Food Service License available from Garfield County Public Health Department before participating in the market. For assistance with this process please contact:

Nerida Mojarro

Garfield County Public Health

195 W.14th Street

Rifle, CO 81650

Phone (970) 625-5200 Ext 8128, or email

Colorado Cottage Foods Act 

Any potential sale of food products that do not fit under a Retail Food establishment MUST fit under the Colorado Cottage Foods Act. For more information please read the following information or contact Carla Farrand for Garfield County at 970-625-3969 or

The Colorado Cottage Foods Act

Cottage Foods in Garfield County– Includes upcoming trainings and their locations. Contact for more information.

Product information– Including baked goods, candy & confections, honey, jams & jellies, teas & spices

National Farmers Market Insurance Program (Optional)

Although optional, we encourage vendors to obtain affordable liability coverage for your booth. Please visit for more information.

Each vendor is responsible for obtaining any and all documentation needed to participate in the market and submitting copies of all relevant paperwork. This page is simply to assist our vendors in their paperwork and application process. Rifle Farmers Market will not obtain documents on a vendor’s behalf.